Celebrating 20 years!

2014 is the 20th year of business for Sakya Abode. The original Sakya Abode Hotel was founded in 1994 – just two years after the Spiti Valley was opened for tourism

Throughout the 20 years of operation, we strive to ensure that travelers from all backgrounds have the best possible experience in the Spiti Valley, and truly get to know the Spitian culture. Sakya Abode has grown to be a family of three hotels and one home stay and a travel agency.

Looking towards the future – we hope to add to the variety of options that travelers can experience during their stay, start to cater to the adventurous sort who wish to see the Spitian winters, and help to ensure that all future development in the region is done in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

We thank all the guests who have been visiting us over the years and helping us becoming what we are today.

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