Discover Spiti

There is a place, high in the Trans Himalayas, that is truly the ‘Abode of The Gods.’ A place so pristine and breathtaking that one has to be blessed to experience it. This is a land like no other on earth. Where beauty, simplicity, and divinity intertwine to create the most soulful song of life. This is Spiti – a sprawling moonscape of rugged peaks, deep gorges, glaciers, meandering rivers, surreal rock formations, and snow kissed mountains that melt into the sparkling sapphire skies. It’s where the elusive snow leopards, red foxes and Ibex still roam freely, and water from the melting glaciers tastes like nectar from the heavens above.

Villages are few and far between, and some of them are the highest inhabited villages in the world. The population is counted by the number of living ‘souls,’ and kindness and compassion are a way of life. In the summer, the villages are sprinkled with emerald green fields that twinkle like jewels in the barren setting. The homes are built in the traditional Himalayan style architecture, and being here is like stepping into a different world.

Spiti is a silken spiritual cocoon, where ancient Buddhist culture has thrived and been preserved for centuries. It has some of the oldest and most spectacular monasteries, many of which hang on precarious cliffs and atop pointy mountain peaks that seem nestled in feathery white clouds.

The spectacular and untamed landscape provides some of the most exhilarating adventure sport experiences in the world. Mountain climbing, biking, hiking, heli-skiing, rafting, motorcycling, rock climbing, horse riding and base jumping enthusiasts travel from across the world, to this less charted territory, for their ultimate high altitude adrenalin thrills.


Kaza is the District Headquarter of Spiti, and the largest settlement here. However, it’s got the feel of a wonderful little frontier town and serves as an ideal base for all your travel around this magnificent valley. Kaza’s setting is truly stunning. Giant, rugged mountains encase this large vale, as the sun pours down like honey and the glistening silver waters of the Spiti River snake through this haloed land.

At the heart of Kaza, is the Sakya Gompa or monastery. It’s beautiful structure, vibrant colors and blessed presence is vital to the settlement. Nearby, are the rows of stupas that are iconic to Kaza. There is a small market that has a quaint rustic charm.

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